Where It Was Coldest by Alana Saltz

  • Where It Was Coldest by Alana Saltz

While Flowers in the Attic told a tale of children locked away in a house, Where It Was Coldest by Alana Saltz explores the experience of being trapped inside your own body. Touching on themes of mental illness, chronic illness, and trauma, this chapbook of erasure poems is inspired by the author's life and found words from the iconic horror novel.

“Alana Saltz’s Where It Was Coldest is a strong and cohesive collection of erasures sourced from V. C. Andrews’s controversial novel, Flowers in the Attic. It paints vivid images of loss and longing, gives us fleeting glimpses of hope, and shows what ‘drowning in dreams’ can look like. We are made to feel the melting years, hear the wolf-like darkness, and witness the persona's ghosts. With a ‘fury made of splinters,’ this chapbook traverses uneasy terrains by unmasking fear and vulnerability. It reminds us that ‘thinking about the future is like holding a wildcat,' and yet, we survive.”

—Shloka Shankar, Founding Editor of Sonic Boom and Yavanika Press