Vultures by A.R. Salandy

  • Vultures by A.R. Salandy
  • Vultures by A.R. Salandy
  • Vultures by A.R. Salandy

ISBN: 978-0-578-91653-8

“Vultures” by A.R. Salandy is a journey you would never expect to take on but one you imperatively and urgently need. You are promised to cross austere paths and witness trees blazing, sands like ash, silence the most ominous black noise, no friendly faces but the ravenous vultures wailing, your sole returning companions. “Vultures” is “sonatas otherworldly” is “grave lullabies subduing” is blunt truth glaring back at your reflection glaring back at you, and you love it as much as you fear it.
- Nadia Gerassimenko, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Moonchild Magazine

Vultures by Anthony Salandy is a poetic eulogy to “the once lush forest” where “even the dead fear corruption.
The poet makes night music of carnage and rot and the ever-beating wings of birds of prey.
- Kristin Garth, author of Girlarium and other books

Salandy addresses that hollow feeling of warfare consumption by filling these pages with crisp imagery and heartbreaking realism. He pulls you across the arid land and down below the parched earth, to start at the finality of corruption: death and its shadows. The sway of language in Vultures is hypnotizing, pulling you into a dark reality without realizing you've fallen down alongside him as he reflects on the tragedy of lives lost and souls struggling to be heard amidst the chaos.

- C.Cimmone author of 'Torn Up'. Editor in Chief Versification.

Cover art by Jose Sanchez