The End: Poems by Arien Reed

  • The End: Poems by Arien Reed

This is our longest chapbook yet!

Every story has a hero and a villain, while a myth surrounds every fantastical creature. But before they were famous, they were alive. Through these poems, Reed tells the untold tales of warriors, heroes, villains, creatures, mythical beings, and even of flora.

About the Author: Arien Reed is holds a National University Creative Writing MFA and is a gay, transgender, disabled survivor. He lives with his husband and works as a Budget Technician for the Disabled Students Programs and Services at Fresno City College, where he co-founded the LGBTQ Allied Staff and Faculty Association (a volunteer organization) on which he currently serves as president. He also provides LGBTQ cultural presentations, including Safe Space Ally training sessions. He also currently serves as the statewide Classified Representative on the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee. His poetry and art has appeared, or is forthcoming, in the TulipTree Review, La Piccioletta Barca, Beyond Words, the Infinity Room, the GNU journal, and others. When not working or volunteering, he can be found lifting weights, vlogging about his social or medical transmasculine gender transition, and hiking wherever flowers, stars, or sunsets can be found.