Neverland is Always an Island: Poems by Amy Alexander

  • Neverland is Always an Island: Poems by Amy Alexander

In “Neverland is Always an Island”, Amy Alexander delicately and honestly brushes canvasses and weaves words of a world full of deep loneliness and aching longing of love and life of an open window that shows “a finger of possibility” and “screams stars”—a world of magic, a world that flowers. In this imaginatively reimagining of Neverland, Wendy is at the front center, as are her worries and wants, her experiences and expectations, her suffering and strength, her reality and realization, her maturation and maturity—every line full of grit and candor, and with every line, she becoming “an explosion” who can “blow out all the windows”. And we the lost ones feel that rawness, becoming found and spirited again.

—Nadia Gerassimenko, founder and editor, Moonchild Magazine

Amy Alexander’s “Neverland is Always an Island” is a vulnerable dreamscape of poetics. The time-honored tale of neverland is laid bare and becomes achingly beautiful via Alexander’s modern exploration. Alexander uses rhythm and meter evocative of classic poets but revels in a “close and constant” infusion of desire, longing, and fierce sense of self. It is this infusion that makes Neverland is Always an Island new but welcome and familiar, as Alexander seamlessly blends the anguish of love with the fantasy of hope. Inviting the reader to explore her own personal Neverland, Alexander’s language glows from within, highlighting the romance and sorrow of relationships between people and with oneself.

—​​​​​​Sara Matson, author of electric grandma

“Amy Alexander’s Neverland is an anti-coming of age poetic fable. It’s painted in the language of “watercolor bedtime stories you believed in your gauze lavender nursery” graffitied with cigarettes, splinters, skateboards and tattoo guns. Like its charming illustrations, each poem is a Bandaid in fairytale chromatics for lost children everywhere. “

—Kristin Garth
author of Candy Cigarette Womanchild Noir and The Meadow